Ex workaholic PGA golf professional and individual always scared of the thought of retirement suddenly discovers the idea of cycle touring. I have always loved travel and think the ideal speed to actually observe things is at the speed of a bicycle. A complete novice in this regard I expect the road to be rough, metaphorically as well as literally at times, but the enjoyment, when things are working well, immense. My intention is to visit as many countries that will have me and keep going until I 'fall off the perch!'. Lots of people tell me that they think I'm too old to be doing this. My reply is that this is what's going to keep me young. (I hope) I'm having to learn loads of new skills with regards to technology, creating this website for one and film editing next so that I can blog and vlog my way round the world. There will be Youtube soon, firstly for my Grandchildren, and then for the rest of the family, my many friends, and anyone else who needs some inspiration. I sincerely hope I will be able to provide that. Please come along for the ride vicariously, you will be a lot safer than me I'm sure. Cheers and I hope you enjoy, Simon 'Wardy' Ward.

Mind your language!

24/04/2018 to 01/05/2018 Simon ‘Wardy’ Ward is nomadonanomad. The countdown continues. So I’m absolutely crushing technology now! Got the system of logging in to the website and editing/creating (?) down to a fine art. Those folks at customer support might even start to miss me? Bill Gates….be afraid! But wait, I still can’t put photos…

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Hello World!

31/03/2018 Simon ‘Wardy’ Ward is ‘nomadonanomad’. Well, I will be soon. ‘Hello World’ indeed. That title has been given to my first blog post by WordPress, the company I have been told by many to be the easiest to use for establishing and building a website. And here I am. We will see if those…

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